Dated: 08/08/2020 – Following yesterday evenings government announcement the leisure club will be closed from today for 2 weeks. We will re-open again after the current Kildare restrictions are lifted. Stay Safe from all the team in Killashee.

UPDATED CLUB NEWS : 23/06/2020

  • The leisure club is busy getting ready to re-open for our members from Monday June 29th – Please read through the points below which outline what members can expect on their return to the club. This is non-exhaustive list and may be updated frequently.
  • Memberships:
    •  All club memberships have essentially been on hold since we temporarily closed on March 13th. 108 days will have passed from that time until Monday 29th of June.
    • All paid upfront (pre-paid) members will have this time added back to their membership renewal dates.
    • Our software provider Invotech have a software solution to do this in bulk for all members and that will be ready in the next 2 weeks. It will take whatever your existing renewal date was and add 108 days from that date to your renewal date.
    • This is wonderful news for our members and means you have not lost any of your membership term while we’ve been in this period of temporary closure.
    • For all members who pay for their membership via monthly direct debit. You have not been billed in April, May or June – your next payment date is expected to be requested from your account on July 10th. This will be processed at 50% of your normal amount and from August 11th your normal direct debit rate will re-commence.
  • Booking your place in the club:
    • From June 29th until July 20th we are permitted to only allow 50 members use the club facilities at any time.
    • As a result of this you will need to pre-book your place in the club prior to arrival
    • Members who arrive without pre-booking will unfortunately not be allowed access to the facilities
    • For instructions on setting up and using this app please see:
      • If you need any support in setting this up please call our membership team on 045981600
      • Top Tip – when setup you’ll see a Killashee branded image advising you to book your gym or swim time. Scroll down to Class Booking and click in there to view the calendar times and options to proceed.
      • Top Tip – Remember the booking system will only allow you to pre-book from 1 day in advance
    • Booking slots are 90 minutes in duration – 60 minutes of that is to facilitate gym or pool use. The app will prompt members to leave at this stage where the Killashee team will use the remaining 30 minutes to sanitise high touch-point areas prior to the next batch of 50 members arriving for their time-slot. Please try to arrive as close to your booked in time as possible to maximise your training time available and leave the club promptly.
    • Booking is available to members only – Guests are currently not able to use our facilities until further notice.
    • Booking must be made for each member wanting to use the facilities i.e. if you are attending as an adult with a child member, you must create an account on the app for your child and book them in as well prior to arrival.
  • Reception / On Arrival / On Departure
    • When you arrive back to the club, you will find the front and hallway doors open to minimise touch-points.
    • Initially when you enter the club – sanitise your hands using the station provided
    • On arrival scan your membership key-card as you normally would. Access will not be allowed until you scan in. If you require a new key-card please notify reception and a complimentary one can be made up for you in this instance. Complimentary key cards will be available until the end of July only, normal rate of €3 per new key card will resume after this time has elapsed.
    • While checking in each member will have their temperature checked by an automated unit located on our reception desk adjacent to where you check in. Just approach the device and you’ll see your face appear in the screen, your temperature will be displayed back to you and an audio prompt to proceed when your temperature is in a normal range. This process is incredibly quick so it will not delay your check-in experience.
    • All staff and members will have their temperature checked each time they enter the club for both staff and members safety. The data held in this device is not connected to our network so no personal information is retained by this unit or by Killashee.
    • The reception desk will have 2 perspex screen areas, 1 is located where you check in and get temperature checked and facilitates the reception team in assisting with that process if required. The second screen is to facilitate longer conversations at reception i.e. membership enquiries, courses and general enquiries. Please use that section to discuss club queries to leave the check in area clear.
    • Leaving the club after workout will be via the same route as normal, entry side and exit side will be marked off appropriately. Please be courteous to other members and leave them adequate space when entering and leaving the club.
  • Gym Floor
    • The gym floor layout has been setup with social distancing in mind.
    • Carry a sweat towel and use it on each piece of equipment
    • Sanitising spray and blue roll will be available to use before and after use of each piece of equipment
    • Our dedicated sanitising team will be on duty at all times with this task in mind and between each booking slot high touch point areas will also be sanitised. However members are encouraged to continually use the sprays and sanitise their hands regularly as they train.
    • The water fountains on the gym floor will no longer be available & the vending machines will also no longer be available. Members are encouraged to bring their own water, sports drinks etc but water will be available for purchase from our reception team.
    • You will notice dedicated Ecolab stations on the gym floor with new signage, please use these frequently to sanitise your hands while training
  • Swimming Pool Area
    • The main pool & children’s pool will be open for use
    • The pool will be setup with 5 swim lanes to facilitate more available lane swimming
    • The end 3 lanes furthest from the gym floor are reserved for lane swimming only – Lanes labelled 1,2 & 3
    • Lanes labelled 4&5 may also be used for lane swimming but may also be used by members who want to walk in the lane for exercise and rehab and for families to use.
    • The jacuzzi spa pools, Steam Rooms and Saunas will unfortunately need to remain closed for the time being
    • Chlorine at the levels we operate our pools will kill Covid 19 but members are reminded that social distancing rules apply in the pool and when sharing a lane they should remain 2 meters apart when stopping for a rest.
      • I.e if a  fellow swimmer is resting at the end of the lane and you also want to stop, do so at the opposite end or 2 meters back from them.
    • Members with children are encouraged to remain in the Children’s pool or to only use lanes labelled 4 &5 with their children
  • Changing Rooms
    • Current guidelines indicate that changing rooms and showers should be avoided where possible
    • Members are therefore encouraged to arrive ready to train / swim and leave immediately after both
    • However the changing rooms and shower facilities will be open if members do decide to avail of them
    • The seating in these areas will be marked off to encourage social distancing
    • Sanitising stations will be available in the ladies and gents changing areas
    • Wet Kit bags & Hair Dryers will need to be removed from the changing areas
    • Electric hand dryers in changing areas and public toilets will no longer be accessible
    • Towel hand dryers will be installed in these areas in the coming weeks, they are currently on order with our supplier
  • Guests
    • Members will no longer be able to bring guests to accompany them at this time
    • Any guest passes in members possession will not expire and as the sanctions on numbers increase we will look to change our policies on allowing guests to attend with members again
  • Hydrotherapy Pool
    • The Hydrotherapy pool will remain closed for the time being
    • Members who have hydro membership only or a bolt on of access to the hydro pool as part of a club membership are advised to contact the club separately on: for further updates surrounding this facility.
More info also available @


For clarification: COVID-19 is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways. It’s caused by a virus called coronavirus.

Symptoms of coronavirus

It can take up to 14 days for symptoms of coronavirus to appear.

The most common symptoms of coronavirus are:

Other symptoms are fatigue, headaches, sore throat, aches and pains.

If you have any of the most common symptoms and have been to a place where there is spread of coronavirus, read this advice.

(Please keep an eye on this page and our facebook page for member updates)

Contact us for more information on: 045981600 or

New Courses – February & March 2020

Summary below, scroll to bottom of this page for poster images for each course:

Course Duration 6-7 weeksCourse Details

Yoga with Kasia



From: 2nd March

Tuesdays @9:30am – Beginners ying/yang flow

Wednesdays @ 9:30am – Complete Beginners Yoga

Thursdays @7pm (Mixed level)+ 8pm (*New class-Yin Yoga)

Saturdays @ 10am – Sports yoga

Kids yoga


From: 5th March

Thursdays @ 4-4:45pm




From: Feb 24th

Monday @10am – Mixed, 7:30pm Beginners, 8:30pm Improvers

Tuesday @7:30pm – roll + release

Thursday @10:30am – Mixed

Friday @ 9:30 – +50yrs

Performance TrainingFrom: March 2nd

Every: Monday, Wednesday, Friday @7am or 6:30pm

2 time options, 3 sessions per week, 21 total sessions per course of Performance Training with Lenny

Swimming Lesson for kidsFrom: March 3rd

See for full info on swimming times

  • Pilates: Fee applicable. It must be pre-booked
  • Performance Training: Fee applicable. It must be pre-booked
  • Yoga & Kids Yoga: Fee applicable. It must be pre-booked

No events available!