Killashee launches our new Group Cycle class next week, starting on Monday January 8th, first class at 9:30am.

All of our timetabled fitness classes included with your membership are currently bookable via our “Killashee” class booking application. All of those classes will continue to be booked using that application for the time being.

Our new Group Cycle classes are ONLY bookable via the new Technogym MyWellness app. Here are some instructions required to get setup on this App so you can book in to our classes. As always if you’re having any difficulty please stop at our reception for further assistance.

Instructions to follow:

  • Step 1
    • Go to this link on your PC/Tablet or Phone
  • Step 2
    • Choose the option of “Create New Account” and fill in your details. Please be accurate in your date of birth, height and weight as this info is used by the App to determine your starting Max heart rate etc
  • Step 3
    • After creating your account, go to your email where you’ll find one from mywellness cloud asking you to click a link to confirm your account. Please click on this link to confirm your account
  • Step 4
    • Now download the “MyWellness” app. There will be a link on the mywellness page you were on after creating your account. If you create your account on your phone/tablet it will be at the top already asking you to download it. If you need to, simply search “Mywellness” on the App or Google Play store to find the correct app and download it.
  • Step 5
    • Open the app and sign in using the details you used when registering. As you registered using a specific link to Killashee the app should know your facility and bring up our club logo and name with the option to click “Lets Start” – if so please do that.
      • If the app does not know you’re affiliated with Killashee do the following:
        • Click on the 3 dots on the bottom right of the app
        • Click “Select Facility”, then again “Select Facility” that appears in red
        • Search “Killashee” to find and then choose Lets Start
      • If this does not find the club, don’t worry. Simply bring your phone with you to Killashee on your next visit and when you open the app on the gym floor it will know you’re in Killashee and let you do this. Once its done once your app will remember and keep that in place going forward. Alternatively you can QR code scan any of our machines on the gym floor using the Mywellness App to achieve the same thing.
  • Step 6
    • When you’ve selected Killashee as your facility, then click on “Class Timetable”. you’ll find this on the “Home” section of the app, select the little house symbol at the bottom left of the app to view this.
    • Select the date and book into the class
    • NB: The app will book you into the next available Bike “Station”. You can change that to another bike number within the app if available.  YOU MUST THEN GET ON THAT PARTICULAR BIKE NUMBER ON ARRIVAL TO CLASS.
    • Your bike is expecting you, so as soon as you start pedaling your data will appear in front of the instructor console and can be displayed on the class screen. Your workout data will then automatically be submitted back to your mywellness account when the class finishes.

If you’re having any problems getting setup please stop at our club reception for assistance or speak to the class instructor.

Enjoy the classes.