As part of our plan for continual improvement in Killashee we’ve engaged with the services of a building contractor to undertake some major renovations in our ladies changing rooms.

Facilitating this work will involve some disruption to normal service which we’ve outlined here:

  • Tuesday October 10th – work commences
  • Tuesday October 10th – ladies changing room will remain closed from 12 noon right through until closing that night at 10pm -(This is to facilitate the cordoning off of the room for contractor access and egress)
  • Wednesday October 11th – Ladies changing room will re-open as normal at 6:30am
    • The following restrictions will then be in force:
      • There will be no access to the vanity area, toilets or showers
      • Members and guests will be able to access the changing rooms and from there the gym and pool areas but access to toilets, showers or vanity areas will be closed off
      • The Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna on the ladies changing room side of the Pool Hall will also remain closed and off limits for use by members and guests during these renovations
    • Early Morning Members / Guests
      • Anyone attending the club from 6:30am – 9am daily will be able to use the spa ladies changing rooms to avail of shower and vanity amenities.
      • Anyone attending after 9am will have use of the changing room only, no showers, toilets or vanity will be available.
      • Toilets in the main hallway and upstairs will remain open as normal and the cold shower on the gents changing room will also be available on the Pool Deck.
  • Timelines:
    • Works are expected to continue for 4 weeks with an expected re-open date of: 7th of November
    • The works involved are extensive and involve significant demolition and re-building works.
  • Updates
    • We will endeavor to complete works in advance of this date and will communicate with members via text message with updates as work progress’.
    • We’ll post updates and photos of works as they progress on our club facebook page at this link, please keep an eye on our page for regular updates:

We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause and we hope to complete works in advance of schedule. We’re excited to see the change to the area and hope members and guests will enjoy the improvements. This work represents a further significant investment in the club and is possible thanks to your support as loyal members in Killashee.

For any further information please contact a member of our team.