The Killashee Fitness Team are available to assist all our members at the club. On joining Killashee we encourage all members to undertake a fitness assessment. The assessment takes 30 minutes and is conducted by one of our qualified staff members. During the initial assessment we will:

Find out what you want to achieve from your time at Killashee Leisure Club: toning, muscle gain, weight loss etc

  • Take your weight, blood pressure and body measurements
  • Assess your fitness level with a bike test where we monitor your heart rate

From this information, our staff will come up with a personalised fitness programme using the various pieces of equipment (cardio-vascular, resistance, free weights) to help you achieve your goals.

Our members are regularly reassessed and their programmes modified as their fitness needs require.

Whatever your goal: weight loss, gaining strength, increasing energy or lowering stress, the Killashee Fitness Team will help you.

Jenea Sarmaniuc
Jenea SarmaniucInstructor
Lenny Havens
Lenny HavensInstructor
Emma Fagan
Emma FaganInstructor